Transactions created in sandbox account not showing in sandbox dashboard

I have a transaction in sandbox with Id: 2c7a7326-2730-eb11-8129-d2ba35ae0f85

But it does not show up in the dashboard this is the second time I have observed this in testing.
The transaction with correct id exists when we call the API checking our transfers.

The create event fires with correct Id but still doesn’t show in dashboard.

When I click ‘Process Bank Transfers’

The transfer completed event is fired but this time we get a transfer_processed received: 2b7a7326-2730-eb11-8129-d2ba35ae0f85 as resource id.
Which triggers an error in our webhook handler as a check point.

Neither ids can be used in the sandbox transactions for look up. Neither exists in the dashboard.

I the API the transfer ID that was created and the one we saved when we issued create request is in ‘pending’ status.

Mean while the one that was not created (the id that is off) is not saying processed.

This would be a grave error to run into in production. Because the reference ID we received in creation is not the one that is used to process the transaction.
Also this issue is intermittent.

Hi Randale!

Thanks for reporting! This looks to be an issue with our Sandbox Dashboard that the team has been made aware of. They are taking a look into it!

To summarize, some of the newly created transfers are not showing up in the Sandbox Dashboard. The Production environment isn’t affected.

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Thanks for the clarification.
We definitely think you have a great payments solution here.

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Thanks, Randale!

I’ll be sure to pass along your feedback! :slight_smile: