Transfer Balance to Bank


I have an application with business verified customers with funds in the Dwolla balance that need to be transferred to their bank accounts. I there a quick way to make this transfer, say in the dashboard. I know I can do the same for my own Master account balance.

If this cannot be done from the dashboard, could someone please let me know how to call the API to get the two funding sources(balance and bank funding sources)? In a request for funding sources, is there a specific order that the resources come in?

Thanks in advance!

Paul C.

Hi @PaulCaroline – I’m afraid there’s a way via the Dashboard for processing withdrawals from a Customer account’s Balance to their bank. It would have to be done via the API by a creating a transfer request with the Balance as the Source and their Bank as the Destination.

In order get the two funding-sources via the API, you can retrieve a list of all funding-sources for a Customer. You can then check the “type” of each funding-source to determine if it’s of "type": "bank" or "type": "balance".

The resources should be ordered by the latest.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

That’s very helpful. Thanks so much!

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