Transfer between 2 verified funding sources on the same customer

(Ben) #1

I don’t see anywhere in the documentation that says we can or can’t transfer money between 1 verified customer’s 2 separate verified bank accounts. Is that possible?
I’ve tried with the below request body and I get the below error. Transferring to and from separate customers’ accounts works as expected.
We want transfers between the same customer’s accounts so we can use the first account as the main funding source and the second account to be an escrow. That way we can ensure the money they are using in our app exists(because we transferred it using Dwolla into their escrow) while they maintain full ownership of their money because the source and destination accounts are owned by them. As the app is used we move money daily from their escrow.

Request body:

{"_links":{"destination":{"href":""},"source":{"href":""}},"amount":{"currency":"USD","value":"12.0"},"metadata":{"transfer_id":"9","note":"Manual Transfer"},"clearing":{"destination":"next-available","source":"standard"}}


{"code"=>"ValidationError", "message"=>"Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.", "_embedded"=>{"errors"=>[{"code"=>"Invalid", "message"=>"Invalid destination.", "path"=>"/_links/destination/href", "_links"=>{}}]}

(Shea Daniels) #2

Hi @fiversdeveloper,

We don’t currently support this flow. However we’ll be sure to take this feedback back to our product team.

In the meantime you can create a transfer to add money to the verified customer’s balance. If you listen for the transfer completed webhook, you can then create another transfer to move the money from the customer’s balance to the other bank account.

(Ben) #3

How long can money remain on the verified customer and not sent to a funding source? I ask because Stripe requires money to be deposited or returned after 30 days. I don’t see that mentioned in your docs so I’m assuming indefinitely.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@fiversdeveloper, There is no timeframe for how long funds can be held in the balance. The user can choose to hold funds in their balance or initiate a transfer out to an attached bank or credit union account. If your application chooses to allow the user to hold a balance in their Customer account then you’ll be required to display this balance back to the user within your application.