Transfer error 500

When I try to make transfer requests, sometimes I get this error from dwolla:
Error: {“code”:“ServerError”,“message”:“A server error occurred. Error ID: f59e6e3c-b5f3-452a-b21f-2def64d1be15.”}
at errorFrom (/Users/mairizk/Desktop/project/node_modules/dwolla-v2/src/dwolla/Token.js:49:15)
at /Users/mairizk/Desktop/project/node_modules/dwolla-v2/src/dwolla/Token.js:70:29
From previous event:
at handleResponse (/Users/project/node_modules/dwolla-v2/src/dwolla/Token.js:57:21)
From previous event:
at (/Users/mairizk/Desktop/project/node_modules/dwolla-v2/src/dwolla/Token.js:92:6)
at /Users/mairizk/Desktop/project/node_modules/dwolla-v2/src/dwolla/Client.js:66:25
at processImmediate (internal/timers.js:461:21)
From previous event:
at (/Users/mairizk/Desktop/project/node_modules/dwolla-v2/src/dwolla/Client.js:65:23)
at createTransactionLink (/Users/mairizk/Desktop/project/utils/Dwolla.js:11:16)
at Client.DwollaClient.createTransaction (/Users/mairizk/Desktop/project/utils/Dwolla.js:56:33)
at Object.module.exports.processTransaction (/Users/mairizk/Desktop/project/modules/refund/refund.service.js:133:42)
status: 500,
headers: Headers {
[Symbol(map)]: [Object: null prototype] {
date: [Array],
‘content-type’: [Array],
‘content-length’: [Array],
connection: [Array],
‘access-control-allow-origin’: [Array],
‘x-request-id’: [Array],
‘cf-cache-status’: [Array],
‘cf-request-id’: [Array],
‘expect-ct’: [Array],
‘set-cookie’: [Array],
server: [Array],
‘cf-ray’: [Array]
body: {
code: ‘ServerError’,
message: ‘A server error occurred. Error ID: f59e6e3c-b5f3-452a-b21f-2def64d1be15.’

Hi @Samuel-Sorial

Can you send over the request body for this request. Environment you’re using (sandbox or prod), and the email associated with your account?

I am also facing same error on sandbox

Here is the error id: 61cd3c1e-6e22-4a60-a75a-8580edb8d042
email for sandbox account:

Hi @sud – are you consistently running into the 500 with this transfer request? If not, I would suggest using idempotency-keys with your requests to safely retry the request whenever you get a 500.

Occasional 500 level errors are expected both in Sandbox and Production. However, in Production you may see it less frequently.

If you’re consistently running into this issue with the above transfer request, please post the full transfer request body here along with the api endpoint, and we can take a deeper look!


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Hello, I am consistently getting errors. here is my full request body and api endpoint

API endpoint:
Method: POST
Request body:

"_links": {

  "source": {

    "href": ""


  "destination": {

    "href": ""



"amount": {

  "currency": "USD",

  "value": "120.23"



Hi @sud – thanks for the request-body. A quick look on our end revealed the same. I’m circling with our team to find out if there is an unhandled error with Push To Card transfers.

I’ll let you know what we find!

Hi @sud – looks like this particular request would go through fine, but the other 500 status code errors we see on our logs are all transfers to cards that have been removed. We’ve logged a ticket to fix the error handling for these types of errors. Thanks for reporting!

In the meantime, please continue testing transfers to active cards.