Transfer Fees charged to email

(Adam Esterle) #1

Is it possible to charge the fee to a user’s email?

Here’s why

I would like my user’s to give me their Dwolla email
That way they can receive money without having to OAuth (just sender OAuth’s)

The transfer works fine to emails.
However, I also want the receiver to take the hit from the fee.
But I cannot charge to the receivers email (only an account ID)

However, they have not OAuth’ed so I do not have their account ID.

Is it possible to get an account id from an email via the API?


(James Eliason) #2

As long as you are not charging a facilitator fee, there are no longer fees from Dwolla (in the form of the previous $.25)

I am assuming you are using V1 of our API? If so, you can review the docs to get basic info via an email address submit:

(Adam Esterle) #3

I am charging a facilitator fee, sorry if that was unclear.

I am actually using V2 which seems to not have the option to have an email take the facilitator fee.

I am really only using V2 because V1 requires a PIN, which I think is a little redundant since you already have OAuth access.

So I guess a tangent question would be: can you do a transfer without the PIN in V1?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Hi @AdamEsterle, You can only charge an account a fee on the transaction at the present time. That being said, I would recommend sending to the account (/accounts/{id}) vs. an email address because this will not change. The user can change their email within Dwolla causing a disconnect between your app and Dwolla.

There is not currently something that exists in API v2 for getting an account Id from an email address, however I will pass along your feedback to the Product team for consideration!

(Adam Esterle) #5

Thank you for looking into this!

The only way to send money to an account_id is to get the account_id from them via OAuth, correct?

The email solution is nice because then I never need to do the OAuth process for them to receive money.

(Spencer Hunter) #6

Currently, yes. They could provide it to you, however we don’t expose this number in the Dwolla UI today.

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