Transfer to a funding source

(Mass Venture) #1

Currently I can transfer to an account id but I need to transfer to a funding source instead. I see in the docs that I can but I keep getting “Receiver not found.”

I am using the funding source id for the {id} in docs. Code is below.

request_body = {
        :_links => {
          :source => {
            :href => from_account_url (This is pulling form db and works already for account transfer)
          :destination => {
            :href => ""
        :amount => {
          :currency => "USD",
          :value => amount

      # Using DwollaV2 - (Recommended) "transfers", request_body

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@MassVenture, you can only send to a funding source if it belongs to the source account. (i.e. a withdraw of funds from the balance to a connected bank that belongs to the full Dwolla Account).

If the transaction is between two users and you want the funds to go to the bank account of the recipient you can do one of the following:

  • Have the receiving account enable the “auto-withdrawal” feature in their Dwolla account settings
  • Initiate a transfer to the account balance of the recipient, listen for the transfer_completed event and then initiate a subsequent transfer to an attached bank of the receiving party.

Trouble Creating a Transfer: [400] Error connecting to the API (
(Mass Venture) #3

Okay so i can get the access_token via initial request.

How would I get the app_token?

(William Green) #4

Hi @spencer - in my application I have a master API full Dwolla account, call it Master, that we use to pay and collect from our counterparties.

If we have two bank accounts in Master, call one Customer and the other Business, based on the information above we cannot initiate transfers from Counterparties funding sources to Customer or to Business. We can only transfer from Counterparties funding sources to our Master (by Account ID) and then transfer to Customer and Business separately?

As we use Customer/Business to segregate our operation for accounting purposes, it would be much simpler to move money directly into various funding sources depending on the use case… especially if multiple funding sources are allowed to be connected to a Full API Account.

(Spencer Hunter) #5

Correct. You could automate the payment being withdrawn from your Dwolla balance with the use of webhooks. Once you receive a webhook for a transfer_completed event immediately create a subsequent transfer to move those funds to a specific bank account attached to your Dwolla account.

I will pass this feedback on to our Product team for consideration. It was originally designed this way because the authorized sending party doesn’t have permission to view or access resources that don’t belong to them. In this case they would be accessing a funding source that belongs to the receiving Dwolla account(your account).

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