Transfers/Requests cancellation process

(Luis Mojica) #1


I would like to know more about the cancellation process for Transfers and Request:

-How do I cancel a Transfer/Request?
-Are there any limitations when cancelling a Transfer/Request?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hey @Luis_Mojica, Transfers into the Dwolla network from a bank, including transfers that pass through the Dwolla network to another user’s bank account, can be cancelled by a Traditional CIP Verified account or White Label Customer account at any point until 4pm CT on that same business day if initiated prior to 4PM CT. If a transfer was initiated after 4pm CT, it can be cancelled anytime before 4pm CT on the following business day.

If the transfer is from a Dwolla account then it must be cancelled within the user’s dashboard. Transfers from a white label Customer can be cancelled via the API by calling this endpoint.