Transfers using bank accounts

I have transferred money through bank account from personal verified customer to business verified customer . Ican see in the dashboard amount has been deducted from but balance is showing zero from where that amount got deducted. And how long it will take to get the transfer completed?

Hi @apoorva_singh – is this a Bank to Bank transfer or a Bank to Balance transfer? Would you be able to share the Transfer ID?

Is this in Sandbox? If so, the transfer will process whenever you click the Process Bank Transfers button.

If this is in Production, the transfer would process based on the transfer timing that’s enabled for your account. You can find more information on the timing here -

It is a bank to bank transfer.
Yes, it is in sandbox, clicked on process bank transfers button but for some transaction status is still in pending mode.


Hi Apoorva – looks like we experienced some issues with the bank processing simulation in Sandbox. We have fixed the issue and you should now be able to hit the button again to simulate processing of transfers! You can also check out our status page for further details -

Hope that helps! Let us know if you run into any issues!

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Trying to retrieve balance for funding source i.e bank account getting error " Error: {“code”:“Unsupported”,“message”:“Resource does not support this operation.”}
". Using this api HTTP request GET{id}/balance. Moreover this is the funding source id “cc5cc635-6028-41d7-88cc-60cecac50f6c” however if i am using balance id i am getting balance but since i have transfer money to bank account want to retrieve that bank account’s balance. Please guide.

Ah, I’m afraid that would be because retrieving the balance of a bank funding-source isn’t supported. The /balance endpoint can only be used with a Dwolla Balance funding-source.

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