Trying to contact support

(Jen Russell) #1

Good morning! We’ve been trying to get a hold customer service. We’ve worked through your API for years and are trying to find out, with things shutting down, if customers paying BEFORE the 12/3 cut off date will still receive the money transferred even if the clear date is after 12/3. Please have someone respond to this.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @LandlordStation, Yes, If transfers are sent prior to 12/3 then they will continue to process or fail as normal. Dwolla will not cancel any pending transfers that may be in limbo on that date. Please let us know if you have and additional questions regarding the wind down of the existing Transfer product and/or related legacy v1 API!

(Jen Russell) #3

Thank you so much, Spencer! We also heard back via email. I appreciate the quick response here.

(Jen Russell) #4

@spencer When you say that the API will no longer function on 12/3, does that mean through 12/3 and everything will be done on midnight 12/4?

(Joe Dev) #5

@Spencer I have the same question. I need to know if the gateway to v1 will still work on the day of 12/3 and be shut off at 12:01am on 12/4? That is what we assumed so I’m hoping that is the case. Thanks.

(Spencer Hunter) #6

@jholst, The primary functionality that was removed already today was related to the legacy Dwolla dashboard. Regarding the v1 API, this will still be operational and return valid responses up until January.