Two transfers and account balance

Hello. I need to create two transfers in a row:

  1. From customers(1) balance to customers(2) balance.
  2. From customers(1) balance to accounts balance.
    Can I make it in one request?
    Because if a user will make transfers fast on the last request the 2nd point may not be fulfilled.
    What is the maximum amount of customers and accounts balance?

And about labels. How much cost of using labels in app?
For example:
Customer balance = 500$
I create label with amount = 10$
After customer available balance = 490$ and total = 500$ and I cant send from balance 500$
I delete label after it customer balance is 500$ and total 500$.
Did I understand correctly?

Hi @RussianPupok_Pupok

These will have to be in two separate requests. However if the reason for 2 is in regards to a fee that you are charging a customer, you should be able to just use the Facilitator Fee object

Iā€™m not sure I understand the first part of the question 100%, could you elaborate? However, the maximum amount of customers and account balances depend on your contract. If you would like to update anything on it, you can contact your sales rep or email

This will also depend on the contract. should be able to quote a price for you based on your needs for your business model.


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