UAT FiSync (BBVA) Connection BROKEN

(Benjamin Koatz) #1

When trying to connect a fake BBVA account on the UAT server, the connection always times out. I know Veridian is listed as another FiSync partner, but I also can’t find it on the accepted list of banks. Since one is missing, and the other can’t be connected to, I can’t test FiSync on the test servers - can somebody help please!


UPDATE: Still persisting several days later! It goes from the page to

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@bkoatz, Unfortunately the FiSync connection is not setup to connect a fake FiSync bank in UAT(our public Sandbox). However, we are looking at adding a fake FiSync bank soon for external developers to test the authorization flow. We’ll update this thread when this functionality exists!

(Benjamin Koatz) #3

I saw the Fake FiSync bank recently but was still getting errors trying to access it. Is it meant to be in a fully working state? If so I’ll post the bugs.