UAT missing or invalid auth header for GET funding sources

(Jam2z9) #1

I’m trying to use the PHP SDK for getting funding sources tied to an account but am having issues:

My code:

$funding_source_api = new DwollaSwagger\FundingsourcesApi($apiClient);
 //Get funding source list
$fsList = $funding_source_api->getAccountFundingSources($token_data['account_id']);

This is hitting a GET request on the URL:

Which is returning:

  "code": "InvalidCredentials",
  "description": "Missing or invalid Authorization header.",
  "message": "Missing or invalid Authorization header."

I tried to hit this with a GET request, the PHP SDK, and POSTMAN but they’ve all come back with the same response. I’ve tried changing the url around in case it’s changed recently but nothing seems to work?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@jam2z9, How are you setting your access token before attempting this request? Here is a sample POSTMAN request…