Unable to change Customer Name and Lastname

For some reason, we are not able to edit customers’ names and last names through Dwolla API. Is it because something is wrong on our side, or there are some restrictions in place?

If there are any restrictions, please let us know what they are and what we can do to let our users change their names.

Thank you!

P.S. This link https://docs.dwolla.com/#create-a-customer says that “It is important to prompt your users to provide their full name as it appears on a government issued identification card. This will help ensure a straight-through processing approach. If errors occur in name or date of birth, where you may be prompted for such information, additional manual steps are required, which may add processing time that impedes their experience or may even result in additional cost to you.”

However, it’s not clear from this text whether Unverified Customers can use pseudonyms (sometimes users want to hide their identity). Please clarify. Thank you!

There are three different Customer types you can on-board your end-users as.

  • Verified Customer
  • Unverified Customer
  • Receive-only User

If you create your end-user as a Verified Customer within Dwolla then the firstName and lastName fields wont be editable by default. This Customer type goes through an identity verification process which validates that the information about themselves matches what is on public record. Changing those fields would require the user to go back through re-verification of that information. If a user setup as a Verified Customer needs to change those fields (e.g. legal name change) they will need to be placed in a retry status to edit those fields.