Unable To Create Verified Funding Source - Plaid


We are using Plaid to connect banks to our platform. We are currently testing by connecting Bank A. Plaid doesn’t offer the instant Auth produt for Bank A so we need to connect using routing/account number (micro-deposit verification). What is the best way to go about this? We are struggling to get this in place.


Hi @Nishantdeshpande,

For smaller banks Plaid isn’t able to verify, we recommend using this guide to be able to verify a bank using micro deposits.

You can also test the micro deposit verification method by using the Postman . micro deposit endpoints can be found in the funding-sources folder

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your response. Are you available for a quick call? I have a few follow-up questions and it would be easier to ask them over the phone.

My direct line is 262-501-4543


Hi @Nishantdeshpande,

If you are a Dwolla Scale or Enterprise client you can contact your Account Manger to schedule a call with a Developer Advocate.

We do not support calls for PAYG clients at this time, but are more than willing to continue to help PAG clients or sandbox users via the forum.