Unable to fund account through API

(Josette Johnson) #1

I am trying to add money to a dwolla account from a bank source (same person). However, I keep getting the error listed below. The accounts are both verified. Please advise what I’m doing wrong. Thank you.

(Shea Daniels) #2

Hi @Josette_Johnson. If you’re trying to add money in this way, you’ll want to make sure that the destination href is the balance funding source for the same person that owns the bank funding source.

(Josette Johnson) #3

Yes the same person owns the account and bank funding sources. I have successfully process transfers from a bank account of one person to the account funding source of another person without errors. However, when I try to process the transfer between the accounts for the same person I get the error posted. I need to get this working to have a person move money between their dwolla account and their bank account. Thank you.

(Shea Daniels) #4

Is the the “e6f4…” identifier you’re using for an account, or for a funding source? If it’s for an account, it won’t work for the type of transfer you’re trying to do.

Try calling this endpoint: https://docsv2.dwolla.com/#list-funding-sources-for-an-account

That should return a list of funding sources, including one with type = “balance”. Use the self link for that funding source as your transfer destination.

(Josette Johnson) #5

Thank you Mr. Daniels. You are correct. I was using the incorrect identifier. All these identifiers can be confusing at times. Maybe the identifiers can have the type added to them to make them more identifiable. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

(Shea Daniels) #6

You might find it helpful to treat the entire resource URL as the identifier. If you do that, the path of the resource should tell you what kind of resource it is. We return the entire link out of the API, and then take it back in as input, so that will also keep you from having to parse the links in your code.

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