Update Customer Bank account

Update Bank account API - How do we know if a bank account of a customer has been updated or not and when it is updated looking at the bank accounts (funding sources) in the Dwolla dashboard. Also, when looking at the customer funding source on dashboard, the bank name is the same before and after the update even after the update has been done changing the bank names completely. Does Dwolla update the bank name immediately after the update API name is run to reflect the new updated bank name?

Hi @BA_User – if the bank account update API request is successful, you’ll get a 201 status code as well as a webhook denoting that the bank account was updated. You should see the update reflected immediately in the API as well as the Dashboard (you may have to refresh the page).

Do you have an example you could share where the name isn’t updated? We can take a look at our logs and see what’s going on.