Updated Java/Android helper library for Dwolla's API

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Working on a Java or Android app? We recently added a sample application to the dwolla-java helper libraries and updated the README to get you up and running. You’ll then see just how easy it is to send money via Dwolla - two lines of Java!

// Create service
DwollaServiceSync service = new RestAdapter.Builder().setServer(new Server(baseUrl)).build().create(DwollaServiceSync.class);

// Send money
service.send(new DwollaTypedBytes(new Gson(), new SendRequest(userOAuthToken, userPin, testAccountId, 0.01)));

Let us know if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help!

(Sunil Raghuwanshi) #2

Hello sir,
Please let me know how to integrate dwolla in android app.I follow all the steps https://github.com/Dwolla/dwolla-java. but I was not able to integrate dwolla in my android app.so please help me how to integrate dwolla in android.

(David Stancu) #3

Hi @Sunil_Raghuwanshi,

What step are you having trouble with? Can you send me over some more detailed information at david[at]dwolla.com? I’d be glad to help you out! I’m currently working on some updates for the Java library that should be out by middle of next week!

Thanks for writing in!

(Sunil Raghuwanshi) #5

Hi sir,
I am getting error in java/android helper lib with my android project.error is showing in callback.

get(new Route("/callback") {
public Object handle(Request req, Response res) {
TokenResponse tr = getToken(req.queryParams(“code”));
return callApi(tr.access_token);
please help me.thanks in advance

(Rahul Srivastava) #6

Hello sir,
I was trying To Integarte Dwolla in my android app . Everything seems To working Fine except i can’t Generate acess_token because class Object handle is never called .So if you could please help me with that .
Any kind of help will be much Appreciated

(David Stancu) #7

That code looks fine, are you sure that the query parameters contain the “code”? Also, could you please write down the error? I would really appreciate it as it would help me debug!

(David Stancu) #8

I am not sure I understand the issue, but I did see your e-mail. What version of Android are you targetting? I want to fetch the exact SDK/sim tools from Google so I can try to replicate the issue as you see it. Let me know!

(Sunil Raghuwanshi) #9

Thanks for reply
Yes I resolved this error to integrate the java spark lib. But i m facing another problem .after successfully login and allowed app not getting the response in my android project.Thanks in advance.

(David Stancu) #10


I apologize, but I am not sure what response you are referring to. Can you clarify?

(Rahul Srivastava) #11

Hey David ,
Thanks for fast reply I am targetting android sdk vr. 22 and build tool vr. is 22.0.1 , I am also mailing you the sequenced screenshots please have a look and let me know what is thing i am doing wrong

(Rahul Srivastava) #12

Hey David ,
Thanks for your concern,the problem is solved now

(David Stancu) #13


Check your e-mail. I provided you with an explanation of the error that you were having along with some other resources that you may find useful.

Let me know if I can help you integrate!

(Milople Apps) #14

Hey Rahul,
Can you help me,
im also face problem like you in dwolla integration with android.
have any ready made sample of dwolla in adnroid ?
if yes then mail me if it is possible for you.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

(David Stancu) #15


Hey there! You can always message us if you run into any problems while integrating. We are always more than happy to help!


We are building a web app with Java Spring for the back-end and AngularJS for the front-end. We want to use the white label functionality. We had a call with Dwolla and we were told to not use Java because the API support is not ready yet.
Is this true?
Since Java may not be supported, we have been looking into using NodeJS since it looks like the API is supported for white label currently. We were thinking of building Java logic to run Node calls.
Can someone please provide advice and/or clarity on which API is recommended in our case?

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