Updating the business verified customer

I know that once the customer is created successfully, we can update few of the information using the API call. However, is there any way to immediately update the customer? For example, when the business verified customer takes 4-5 business days to get verified, what would be done if the customer realizes that one/some of the info provided by him/her is incorrect. Can we update the customer sooner instead of waiting from Dwolla to put it in Retry status? Any answers related to this would be immensely helpful.

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Hi @bistasulove, A Verified Customer record is immediately placed in a verification status once it’s created. What status would the Customer have in this scenario?

A note on the time it takes for a user to get verified: I’m assuming your timeframe of 4-5 business days is if the user fails to complete the necessarily information to get verified and comes back after a few days? Verification of an account does not typically take that long.

Hi @spencer,

Thanks for replying. I want to know few things from your side.

  1. What is the status of the customer as soon as I POST /customers with the appropriate payload?

  2. Let’s say I gave the incorrect address or phone number or any other attribute, then what can be done to correct that? Can I make use of POST /customers/{id}?

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Thanks for the additional information @bistasulove,

The status of the Customer immediately after successful creation can be: retry, document, verified, or suspended. Review the workflows below for the possible Customer statuses as they relate to verification of the user.
Customer states:
created -> verified — (Happy path)
created -> retry -> document -> verified
created -> retry -> suspended
created -> retry -> verified
created -> document -> verified
created -> suspended

It depends what verification status the Customer is placed in immediately following creation. If in retry, they will be required to submit their identity information and correct any information that may have been invalid on the first attempt. If in document, the user can’t edit details until they upload a verification document. Retry and verified are the only statuses where the user can edit those fields specifically.

I would recommend reviewing our developer documentation for more information on the requirements behind creating this customer type.