Updating white label customers' info in sandbox environment

(Gevtp) #1

I use php sdk (“dwolla/dwollaswagger”: “^1.0”) to update white label customers’ info. The request succeeds but customer’s info doesn’t change. Can white label customers’ info be updated in the sandbox environment?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hey @gevtp, Can you provide an example Customer id as well as the request body you’re sending to the Dwolla API to update the Customer’s information? Limited information can be updated on a Customer, and if you’re creating “Verified Customers” in the API then they must be in a verified state. Reference the docs for more information on fields that can be updated. https://docs.dwolla.com/#update-a-customer

(Ibraheem Ibraheem) #3

Hi Spencer,

In contrast to @gevtp, when I attempt to update a customer information I get an internal server error.
SDK: Python (version 2)
Method call: app_token.post(customer_url,customer_info)
dwollav2\response.py", line 7, in init
raise Error.map(res)
dwollav2.error.ServerError: {“code”:“ServerError”,“message”:“A server error occurred. Error ID: 67c419c0-4785-48d8-a9bf-206b7a9630eb.”}

customer_url at run time: https://api-uat.dwolla.com/customers/92068dc4-1dc8-4591-a7e3-9504bad84969

customer_info at run time: {‘city’: ‘Brooklyn’, ‘ipAddress’: ‘’, ‘address1’: ‘145 Main St’, ‘phone’: ‘9178224741’, ‘state’: ‘NY’, ‘postalCode’: ‘10036’, ‘type’: ‘personal’, ‘email’: ‘ABVT@mail.abl’}

Note: Customer was initially created with an SSN and dateOfBirth values and then attempted to change all other changeable fields.

Any hints would be immensely appreciated

Thank you

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@Ibraheem_Ibraheem, When the “Verified Customer” has a status of verified only a limited set of information can be updated on the Customer account. This can be referenced in our docs, and the valid fields for a personal Verified Customer include: email, ipAddress, address1, address2, city, state, postalCode, and phone.

In this instance we should’ve responded with a responded with a 400 ValidationError, so we’ll investigate why you didn’t get this response from the API. If you remove the field type: personal then the request should be valid and the information will be updated on the account. :slight_smile:

(klue) #5

According to the documentation, none of the update values are marked as required. However, an error response is returned for the following request:

Are we required to pass in all required address data even if only a single property was actually changed?