Upload document - Invalid request ( "Invalid request Content-Type. multipart/form-data." )

def dwolla_customer_document(dwolla_c_id,ach_post_data):

      ach_req = f'customers/{dwolla_c_id}/documents'
      client = dwollav2.Client(key = os.getenv('ACH_APP_KEY'),
                            secret = os.getenv('ACH_SECRET_KEY'),
                            environment = os.getenv('ACH_ENVIRONMENT')) # optional - defaults to production
     app_token = client.Auth.client()
     file_ach = ach_post_data['file'].read()
        dwolla_response = app_token.post(ach_req,file = file_ach, documentType =  ach_post_data['documentType'])
        except dwollav2.error.Error as e:
                    msg = e.body["message"] if not "_embedded" in e.body else e.body['_embedded']['errors'][0]['message']
                   return msg

object of type bytes is not json serializable and request itself not happened.

I tried with different answers like

i. file_ach = file_ach.decode('latin1')

ii. file_ach = file_ach.decode('utf-8', 'ignore')

In the both above cases I succesfully passed the request and got the response:

    "status": false,
    "message": "Invalid request Content-Type. multipart/form-data."

So, please help with the better approch in order to accomplish this.

Please try with io.BytesIO

file_ach = io.BytesIO(ach_post_data['file'].read())

Also, refer to this:
Can’t upload a document from python SDK


Thank you Abhishek !

It worked for me.