[URGENT: Production Issue] The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource

We are using Dwolla to transfer payments from one user’s bank account to another and our system has been working great until yesterday when we started getting this error. We have not made any changes to our configuration or code.

What can we do?

Hi @thoughtfulchris – Is this Production? Would you be able to share the Id of one of those Customers? This will help me look up your account on our end.

Also which endpoint are you receiving this error from?

Yes this is production. We are getting it when users try to create/verify with Dwolla so there are no user IDs associated with the user yet - they don’t show up in Dwolla at all. The endpoint is POST /customers

Hi @thoughtfulchris – Thanks! I was able to find your account. It appears that your account was configured to only create Receive-only Users. We have disabled that, so you should now be able to create Verified Customers as usual!

@shreya how did this happen? We have not changed any settings and have been using Dwolla for over a year without problem? What caused this issue to suddenly happen yesterday?

Hi Chris – looking into that for you!

Looking at the logs, it appears that switching over from the Scale plan to the Pay-As-You-Go plan is what caused the account to be limited to creating Receive-only users, as it’s the default setting for PAYG. However, when we switched over the plan, we overlooked that your account should have had permissions to create Verified Customer types as well.

I apologize on behalf of Dwolla for the inconvenience this oversight has caused. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach us out at support@dwolla.com!

@shreya thank you for looking into that for us. We are still a bit confused actually because we switched to the Pay-As-You-Go plan a year ago - that was not a recent change. Any idea what happened?

Hmm that’s interesting. This might need a deeper investigation from one of our teams as I do not have that level of visibility into the logs. Please allow me to circle with my team to find out what caused the settings to change. Thanks for your patience with us on this matter!

Hi @thoughtfulchris – Apologies for not providing an update sooner!

Upon investigation, we discovered a bug in our system that reverts an account’s custom settings back to the default ones whenever a PAYG contract is renewed. We have corrected the settings on your account to match your contract since finding the bug. The team has created a ticket for a fix to the issue.

I would like to assure you that this shouldn’t be of concern moving forward, and would like to thank you for your patience :pray:


I am having the same issue. Is changing this setting something I can do from the dashboard? Or does someone at Dwolla need to change this for me?

Hi @Devin_Gould – we’ll take a look asap! Just messaged you asking for the email address associated with your Dwolla account.

Customer account settings aren’t currently configurable via the Dashboard and can only be changed/updated by a Dwolla representative.