[V2 Sandbox] Unable to process transfers between customers

(Lauren) #1

I’m using the V2 API (whitelabel), and I’m unable to manually mark transfers as “processed” via the sandbox console. I am able to fail a transfer, but nothing else.

For reference, the transfer ID is 40f5920e-361d-e611-80e3-0aa34a9b2388. Both customers (and their funding source) are verified. The sender has $200 in their account which is sufficient to cover the transfer.

(DrewBaker) #2

I was checking this out today with Lauren, and I too am unable to mark a transfer as “processed” via the sandbox admin console.

Clicking the “process” button just turns the button to a spinning icon and never does anything else.

I do see the attached error when clicking on the customer, perhaps that is related.

(Spencer Hunter) #3

@lauren and @drewbaker, Apologies for the inconvenience. Can you provide the Customer id of the account you are attempting to transfer from as well as the id of the recipient? In addition, can you provide additional information on the type of transfer? (i.e. a bank to bank transfer between two Customers)

(Lauren) #4

No worries! Both the sender and receiver are Customers.

The sender is id c1c823d1-a1e9-40e9-be1a-3ba3380136bc, and the receiver is id 443f276c-e015-49b9-987c-8b601f4a5aad. It is a bank to bank transfer from fictitious accounts via Plaid.

I transferred the sender $200 using the “Send Money” feature on the UAT dashboard.

(Spencer Hunter) #5

Hey @lauren, I am showing that the $200 processed to the balance funding source of Customer c1c823d1-a1e9-40e9-be1a-3ba3380136bc. It looks like a few bank transfers from c1c823d1-a1e9-40e9-be1a-3ba3380136bc to 443f276c-e015-49b9-987c-8b601f4a5aad were marked as failed. One balanced sourced transfer was sent from c1c823d1-a1e9-40e9-be1a-3ba3380136bc and processed to the balance of 443f276c-e015-49b9-987c-8b601f4a5aad.

It looks like both banks were removed for both Customers. Can you try to add banks back to both Customers and re-attempt a bank transfer? Also, if you are wanting to leverage Plaid for bank verification let me know and I can enable a flag on your account that will auto-verify your Customer’s banks when they are added to the Customer account.

(DrewBaker) #6

Hey Spencer, thanks! Yes we are using Plaid for adding bank accounts. There is no way to add an account without it in our app, so you can safely enable that flag.

(Spencer Hunter) #7

Sure thing @drewbaker, Can you send me a direct message of the account you want this enabled on? This will be the Sandbox Dwolla account that is being used to create and manage Customers in the API. Either the account_id or email address will work.

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