Verfied bank account tied

(Mass Venture) #1

In our application we have a bool we change if a user has a financial account or not.

What from the requests is available to check this. Is the simple fact that we have a funding source id suffice for this?

We are on transfer pay api.

(Mass Venture) #2

Also if someone doesn’t fill out bank information do we receive an error?

(Spencer Hunter) #3

Which request are you referring to @MassVenture? Can you provide additional detail on what your use case is and how you’re using the API?

All funding sources should contain a status of verified or unverified when retrieving them from the API.

(Mass Venture) #4

when i do an oauth request the returned user has a funding source id. when I request funding sources the verified status means there is indeed without a fact that an bank account has been added?

On our end we have a boolean for a user to give them certain access if and only if they have a bank account tied to their user.

(Dolores C Kelly) #5

They put $.07 and $.09 in my account