Verified Customers


Ive been setting up verified customers in a sandbox account for a client programmatically via the create customer endpoint. It looks like “Receive-only” customer type is the ONLY customer type that can be created through the dwolla sandbox UI. Is this also true for a production account?
Will I need to create verified customers through custom calls to the create customer endpoint or can verified customers be created via the dwolla UI in production accounts, as this is NOT available on the sandbox account.

Thank you

Hi @Pasquariello1. Yes — verified Customers have to be created from the backend of your app via custom calls. The Dashboard (both Sandbox and Prod) only support creating Receive-only Users.

You can create a verified customer in the sandbox by utilizing our Postman collection here.

Here is a helpful post about the collection as well, About The Collection Post.

In the “Customers” folder, you should see the endpoint to create a verified customer. Once this is created, you should be able to see it in the Customers tab of the sandbox account.

Please let me know if this was helpful, or if you have any other questions. If you receive an error, feel free to screenshot, and I can help you debug or see if it is something on our end.