Verified status for dwolla user

(Mass Venture) #1

On initial oauth I grab the funding sources to verify the owner of the account has a bank account tied to their Dwolla account.


I then update our current db with the status verified. Does the system on oauht using verified_account: true on the initial request verify that there is a bank account and it exists?

I see you have to login into your bank so my guess is yes. If so do we need to do micro deposits as well then?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@MassVenture, verified_account: true refers to what type of Dwolla account the user should create(CIP verified account). The Dwolla account is different then the bank account they may attach to their Dwolla account within the OAuth flow. There isn’t a 100% guarantee that the user will successfully connect their bank account within the OAuth flow so you may want to have an alternative method for adding and verifying a bank outside of the OAuth flow such as adding a bank and initiating micro-deposits.

(Mass Venture) #3

Oh cool. So oauth with verified_account: true does in fact do cip verified? Is there a guarantee on oauth for cip verification?

On bank i guess i could check if funding-source resource exists and if not “verfified” then do micro-deposits. make sense?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Yes. If the user signs up within the OAuth flow it should take them through this experience. Upon completion of the OAuth flow and when you obtain an account access token you can immediately call the API to fetch the accounts list of funding sources to see if they were successfully able to connect a bank.