Verify Customer's Funding Source

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I’m using Plaid Auth to acquire customer’s account and routing number. Now I want to use Dwolla to create funding source for customer. I notices that, in this case, we need not do IAV or micro deposit verification, so I wonder how can we verify customer’s funding source when using Plaid.

I have another question. Assuming a customer verifies his/her funding source, and this customer wants to transfer money from his/her funding source to the account which creates this customer. In this case, where will the money go, account’s balance or account’s funding source?


(Spencer Hunter) #2

As part of the white label services you will go through a review with our internal team to ensure you are doing your due diligence with verification of your Customer’s banks. If we sign off on this aspect of the integration then we’ll enable a setting on your account that auto-verifies the bank when it is added to a Customer within Dwolla.

You as the platform and receiving account can specify whether you want the funds routed to the balance or bank account of the Dwolla account that is receiving funds. When creating the transfer, if you specify the account resource (/accounts/{id}) as the destination then funds will be sent to the Dwolla balance of that account. Alternatively, you can specify the funding source resource (/funding/{id}) of an attached bank account of the Dwolla account.

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