Verifying unverified white label customers with type=business fails

(Andy Hurd) #1

I’m trying to an unverified white label customer by providing the additional information required for verification

When I post to the unverified customer with data like this:

  "firstName": "Bob",
  "lastName": "Somebody",
  "email": "",
  "ipAddress": "",
  "type": "business",
  "address1": "123 Fake St",
  "city": "Fakesville",
  "state": "UT",
  "postalCode": "84057",
  "dateOfBirth": "1970-1-1",
  "ssn": "1234",
  "businessClassification": "9ed3cf61-7d6f-11e3-a622-5404a6144203",
  "businessType": "corporation",
  "businessName": "Corporation Co.",
  "ein": "12-1234567"

I get this error:

  "message":"Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.",
    "errors":[{"code":"InvalidFormat","message":"Type invalid.","path":"/type","_links":{}}]

It seems to indicate that the type I provided is invalid, but the request parameters for verified customers ( shows that personal and business are the valid types. Since I’m providing “business”, that seems a little odd.

Here’s a simple bash script that demonstrates the issue. To run it, you just have to pass client id and secret for a sandbox app. ./ <client_id> <client_secret>

As far as I can tell from the documentation, you should be able to change an unverified customer to a verified customer. It does work when I set type=personal, but with type=business (as in the example) it gives that error. There is a broken link in the documentation under the Upgrade an unverified Customer to verified Customer section , but I think it’s supposed to just link to this section ( on verified customers which I’m trying to follow.

Any help would be great!

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hey @andyhurd, Sorry for the delay in response to this thread. With regards to the broken link, thanks for the heads up we’ll be sure to get this fixed! I was able to recreate the same issue you encoutered in the Sandbox environment so it appears that there be a minor bug in the upgrade path. I’ve created a bug ticket for our team to investigate and fix, and will be sure to follow up once it has been fixed.

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