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Hey @shreya , in sandbox when we create a verified user, wallet gets created and user is able to send and receive funds wallet to wallet without any funding source attached to it. I have tested this and this works fine in sandbox, will it work the same in production? Is it not compulsory to add funding source information for creating a verified user who is able to send and receive funds in his/her wallet?
Please let me know what all information is compulsory for creating a verified user who is able to send and receive money wallet to wallet.

Hi @Ankit – a Verified Customer is able to transact from wallet to wallet if they have funds in the Balance loaded from some bank funding-source. In Sandbox, you likely pre-loaded the Verified Customer’s wallet (Balance) from the test funds in your Master Account’s Balance or Superhero Savings Bank account, but in Production, the funds will need to arrive into the Dwolla network somehow.

All Customers will need to have a bank account attached if they want to create transfers to/from the bank account. Otherwise, it’s not a requirement that they have a funding-source attached in order to just create wallet-to-wallet transfers.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions or need any recommendations for your specific use case!

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Hey @shreya in my case I want to create spv wallets for every startup that will register on my platform, investors will come and can choose to invest in the startup that they like but I don’t want money to go into startup’s wallet directly, I want to store the funds into startups spv wallet until a certain condition is reached and after that condition is fulfilled I want to allow the startup to pull the funds into its own wallet.
So the money flow will be like this :-

  • Investor’s bank account ==> Investor’s wallet
  • Investor’s wallet ==> spv wallet
  • spv wallet ==> startup wallet
  • startup wallet ==> startup bank account

So you see I don’t find any practical use for adding a funding source into startup spv customer.

Thanks for breaking down the use case for me.

It sounds like this may be a use case for our Labels functionality. Rather than creating a whole new Verified Customer for the SPV wallet, you could use labels which allows you to label off certain amounts from the startup’s available balance so that it cannot be withdrawn or used in a transaction. Then, when the condition is met, you can reallocate the funds back to the available balance so that it can be withdrawn to the startup’s bank.

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