Was there a change in the limit for funding sources in sandbox?

Hello, previously in the sandbox environment, customers were able to add 2 accounts via Plaid Link - a Plaid Checking and a Plaid Savings. Since all checking accounts in Plaid sandbox are seen as the same account, 2 was effectively the limit - I know that up to 5 could technically be added. Today, I’m receiving the error “The maximum number of banks have been added.” when I try to add a second bank account.

Was the limit reduced from 5 to 1? Is this a temporary glitch in Dwolla sandbox today? Any input is appreciated.

@shreya @spencer @kmoreira

Still hoping for some feedback on this - let me know if there’s more detail you need from me to answer.

Hi @dtj, Are you able to share the Customer ID that is associated with this particular error? This would be the ID that you are POSTing to /customers/{id}/funding-sources

Sure @spencer

Here is a customer ID: 3e1948cb-b946-49b6-8447-4a8df049a3b1

Business verified customer, but this issue also happens with verified personal customers. They currently have one funding source, ‘Plaid Checking’. When I try to add a ‘Plaid Savings’, I get the error code maxNumberOfResources

@spencer Tested it out and interestingly this doesn’t happen with unverified customers. I’m assuming that the funding source limit is 2, and the dwolla balance is being counted as one of the funding sources that contributes to this limit.

In the other sandbox environment I use though, verified customers are able to have two funding sources in addition to their balance. So I’m curious why it is isolated to this env, was there a change made? This env was made at a later date. Thanks.

Hi @dtj, I believe the other account you have setup is configured to match the features and functionality available for the Pay-as-you go pricing tier. Note that the Sandbox functionality should currently match the default functionality to test as a client contracting in the Scale pricing tier. (this may change in the future) In short, If you’re utilizing our pay-as-you go pricing tier then I would recommend leaving the configuration as is, however, if you are not then it’s a pretty quick change on our end! Let me know if you would like to make that change on your Sandbox account.

Gotcha, thanks @spencer. I would like our sandbox envs (dev & demo) to match each other in capabilities, so sounds like moving this env to match pay-as-you-go is what we want.

Don’t know if this is possible, but we’re actually on an Enterprise plan in production, and if we were able to match those capabilities in our sandbox envs that would be awesome. If that’s possible, let me know what info you’d need from me to do that.

Hi @dtj, Thanks for this information. Knowing that you are on an Enterprise plan I can update your Sandbox account(s) to match your business’ configuration in production. Would you be able to DM me the email addresses associated with any and all of your Sandbox accounts? or post the account IDs in this thread?