Web hooks respond status 429

Hello Teams,

I have successfully created a webhook subscription and also able to see my webhook for the sandbox environment and dashboard which all works fine
But now I’m trying to implement recurring payment service and noticed that after several successful webhooks follow failed ones with status 429 which I can see on dashboard
I’d like to know does it dwolla responses with status 429 or my server?


Hi @Andrey_Belov , the status code that shows on the webhook event logs in the Dashboard would be a status code from your server. For 400 level errors that are returned back to Dwolla when a request is sent to your subscribed endpoint would be retried on an exponential backoff schedule as referenced in our docs here.

Hi @spencer, it seems a little bit strange. My server does not response with 429 status code, but in the Dashboard I can see it

Hi @Andrey_Belov , hmm, that is strange. Without knowing too much about how your app is architected it may be difficult to determine what could be going wrong. Dwolla does send webhook requests concurrently so there may be something you’d need to configure to manage the throughput of requests.

Solved this by adding delay between transfers 10 seconds