Webhook and transfer metadata

(SnapExit) #1

Hello! I have the following situation. On my server, I create a transfer by sending necessary for finishing payment metadata.

After the transfer has completed, I get a webhook and extract transfer_url from it. Then I want to make a request to dwolla in order to extract my metadata and finish payment on my server. But in order to make a request I need access_token and refresh_token. How can I get them from webhook?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @SnapExit, API calls should be made by your backend server(s), which should securely store your API credentials and manage other business logic surrounding payments. Stored credentials can include your Application key and secret, as well as account access tokens and your application access token (used for Webhook subscriptions, webhooks, etc).

In order to retrieve information on the resource that triggered the event you’ll need the access token that belongs to the account that the event was triggered on.

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