Webhook for Api v2 Transfers?

(Shawn Murphy) #1


I just completed a successful transfer in the Sandbox (id: 1049111) but never got anything sent to my webhook. Do transfers not hit webhooks right away? If not, how long do they take?

Or do they not hit webhooks until after they clear the bank and are no longer Pending?

My expectation is that I would get a webhook when the transfer was initiated and then another one when it succeeds and clears the bank transfer. Is that not how it works?


(Jared Dellitt) #2

Hey Shawn - that’s exactly how it works. You should get a webhook once the transfer is initiated as well as subsequent events based on how the status of the transfer changes.

How did you set up your webhooks? With API V2, you’ll need to create a subscription through the API itself with an application token. If you’ve done this and you’re still not getting webhooks, could you give me the name of your Sandbox application and I’ll see if we can help out more.

  • Jared

(Shawn Murphy) #3

Yes I have a webhook subscription setup and working fine. And it looks like now I am receiving the webhooks. It looks like that for some reason just my original transfer I tested with did not send a webhook. I tested all of yesterday and it seems to be working now.