Webhook for Fees transfers

Hi there,
Our app triggers some transfers with associated fees, debited to either to the sender or to the receiver.
The issue is that we can not update the status of the fees transfers on our side because it seems that there is no webhook associated to the fee transfer.
We handle correctly the events related to the mai transfer, but nothing about the secondary transfer.
Any clue to get the fees transfer status ?

Hi @vince , what you’d likely need to do is listen for the transfer completed event on the main transfer and call this endpoint to retrieve the fees and associated status. Unfortunately we don’t trigger separate webhooks for fee transfers, however, that is something we could consider supporting in the future. We’ll be sure to pass this feedback on to our Product team!

Thanks @spencer ,
Yes, I’m sure that many users would love to get some webhooks to update fees transfers status. It would be useful on client’s side.