Webhook notification for all transactions

(Charlie Heath) #1

I’d like to duplicate the functionality of Paypal IPN, which allows a global payment notification URL to receive notice of all transaction made in the account.

We get most payments through our own web forms application (V1, php) but many people wind up sending money to our email account rather than through our forms. Identifying the email transactions currently is done through a month-end report export, import into a MySQL database, and transaction ID matching php script to update our cart MySql tables.

Can I create a webhook and V1 api php script that receives notice of all transaction-type ‘transfer’ , even those that are just sent to our email address rather than through our forms?

Thanks - Charlie

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@TownWebsites, Unfortunately webhooks are only sent in API v1 for transactions that occur from your application. Transactions that occur in a different application(dwolla.com) are not delivered, therefore you’ll want to fallback to polling the API to reconcile incoming transactions to your account. List a user’s transactions will show complete transaction history for the account. Another option is that we could whitelist your application so that only transactions are allowed to be made to your account through your application.

(Joshua Dungan) #3

I am interested in how this can be accomplished. I run a small community where members pay their dues and can buy tokens that are used for our services. If a user is on my site and makes a purchase using the Shopify store I set up, and the user uses Dwolla to pay, HOW IS MY SERVER notified so I can handle the request?

Using paypal it is simple. I cannot seem to find the info on how to do this with Dwolla.