Webhook notifications for transactions outside my app

(Branko Pesevski) #1

Is it possible to get webhook notifications for the users that approved my dwolla app, for the transactions and request that were created outside the application (send via other apps or via web interface)?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Brane, If subscribed to webhooks in API v2, then your application will be notified of all relevant events for any user account you have a valid token(non-expired/valid) in addition to the scopes that are included on the issued access token. It is a combination of having both a valid token and the necessary scopes to view the resources included in the events. This includes events such as transactions that are created outside your Dwolla consumer application.

(Branko Pesevski) #3

Hey Spencer, thank you very much, I have just tested 5min ago the V2 and it works as I expected.

Thanks for the reply.
Have a nice day.

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