Webhook Testing and Certs

I’m having some issues with setting up webhooks. I’ve setup a self-signed certificate and port forwarding/firewall rules but I’m not getting any webhooks delivered to me.

I’ve pulled the webhooks for my subscription to view the events and I do notice that the webhook attempts have a request but no response field at all.

Is the self-signed cert. the problem?

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Hi @kard
Dwolla’s webhooks are emitted based on the remote host having a valid certificate with the associated chain/pedigree available. To show the differences between your domain and dwolla, the following command should help: openssl s_client -host dwolla.com -port 443 -prexit -showcerts.
I would recommend checking to see if you have a trusted cert as well.

Thanks, will check. I was trying to get that self-signed cert working in Dwolla sandbox and not production, so just to clarify, i’ll need a trusted cert (not self-signed) on both sandbox and production?

Hi @kard, I believe you should be able to use something like Let’s Encrypt: https://letsencrypt.org/ to solve your needs.

Thanks! That looks like the best fit for now.

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