Webhook topic definition questions

Hi - I am integrating webhooks and using https://gist.github.com/spencerhunter/2ab064e8e76a049eb22e17ed8e92f350 for examples. I am confused about customer_transfer_created topic as it’s created every time there is a transaction on both source and destination. Definition in the docs for customer_transfer_created states “A transfer was created for a Customer. Represents funds transferring from a verified Customer’s balance or unverified Customer’s bank”. So my question is why customer_transfer_created on destination right after a transfer is initiated?

@shreya Would you be able to help me with the problem with customer_transfer_created status? Thanks in advance.

Hi @PriyanshuJain! Sure thing!

In a bank to bank transfer between two Customers, you will always get two customer_transfer_created webhooks as soon as the transfer is created. These are sent for both parties involved in the transaction. (User A - Source & User B - Destination). Looks like we need to update that definition to include “to a Verified Customer’s Balance or to an unverified Customer’s bank”.

Thanks for reporting!

@shreya Thanks for the answer. Consider this scenario when the sender is verified and the first event is customer_bank_transfer_created and 2nd is customer_transfer_created, and for verified sender customer_transfer_created mean “funds transferring from a verified Customer’s balance” but how can we say transferring from the balance before first bank transfer to the balance is incomplete?

@shreya Can you look into this issue? Thanks.

Hi @PriyanshuJain! The description in our docs now reflects the correct definition, which is as follows -

customer_transfer_created - A transfer was created for a Customer. Represents funds transferring to an unverified Customer’s bank or to a verified Customer’s balance.

Hopefully that should help explain the webhooks sent in the above scenario!

@shreya Thanks for the answer. My question is when I make a transfer from a verified customer I assume money is first going to their Dwolla balance so when I receive customer_transfer_created event, how do I interpret it?

Hi @PriyanshuJain, I typically recommend using the customer_transfer_* events as the primary events your application would use to track the lifecycle of the overall transaction. These events should contain a resource link that corresponds to the unique transfer URL that gets returned back from the API when the Transfer is initially created. You could then make a GET /transfers/{id} to get the related ACH deposit which is identified in the API response as the funding-transfer which is contained in the _links object.