Webhook url is not getting hit in api v1

(Narendra) #1

I have configured correctly all the thing regarding webhook. but still it is not working. i am using api v1.
this is webhook url
Please let me know why it is not working?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@narendra962, I usually set the Webhook “All URL” in application settings to a requestb.in when testing webhooks. This will confirm that webhooks are actually being fired for whatever action you’re expecting to trigger the webhook. Can you give that a shot and see if webhooks are getting sent to the request bin url?

(Narendra) #3

@spencer I have tested it . it is working . when i have set requestb.in as webhookurl.
its only not working when i have set my application webhook url.
probably something is at your end , which is blocking our webhook url to hit.
because when i have tested my application’s webhook notification from another server. there it is also working.
so Please check once. why only this webhook url is not getting hit at my server ?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@narendra962, We haven’t had any reports from other developers regarding an issue with webhooks not getting sent. In addition, I have tested locally as well as on an app that uses v1 to receive webhooks. Can you please check your webhook endpoint to see if its properly configured? Here is a reference of how the Dwolla Magento extension captures webhook requests from Dwolla.

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