Webhooks and Transfer Statuses

(Adam Esterle) #1

So it looks like a transfer can be set to “transfer_completed” and then get set to “transfer_failed”

Note: in rare cases, a “processed” transfer may later on get returned as “failed”.

Does that mean I will receive a webhook for an event of “transfer_completed” and then later a webhook for an event of “transfer_failed”?
When/why would this happen?

Where can I find more information about this?
Has the money been sent? Is the fee still sent?

This seems confusing to me and any help would be appreciated!

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@AdamEsterle, There are cases “Post-settlement” where a bank transfer can later be updated to failed after completing successfully. Due to the nature of ACH, return codes could come back days later which would cause the transaction to be updated to failed. Let’s take for example a bank to bank transfer between two users where the funds have already processed to the bank. In this instance we’ll attempt to reverse the funds from the receiving party’s bank, however the charge for the fee will still remain with the facilitator.

(Adam Esterle) #3

Thanks for the update!

And would another event be sent to my webhooks?
“transfer_completed” and then “transfer_failed”?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Correct. A transfer_failed event will be delivered via a webhook to your subscribed url.

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