Webhooks firing multiple times


I just got v2 webhooks working with our web app in UAT. I have noticed that we are getting the same webhook call multiple times within minutes of each other. According to the documentation, if the call returns a 200 message then there will be no retry calls. When I send the same call manually, I have verified we are returning a status of 200.
Is there any explanation for this on UAT at the moment?

Also, if I make a transfer I get 3 webhook calls for the same transfer within seconds or milliseconds of each other. There appears to be one for the sending customer, one for the receiving customer, and one for the fees I am assuming. I was hoping to see only one webhook ping per transfer status update.

Can someone please explain these calls to make sure I am understanding this correctly?

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With regards to webhooks, Dwolla cannot guarantee a few things. 1) the order of fired webhooks or 2) that your webhook endpoint may receive the same event more than once. With regards to number 2, as mentioned in our developer documentation any action processing webhooks should be idempotent.

Events are created and sent via webhooks for every Dwolla account your application has a valid token for. With regards to white label, your application has a token for the Dwolla account that creates and manages white label Customers, therefore you’ll get webhooks for all parties involved in the transaction.

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