Webhooks on sandbox coming twice

Could you suggest please. We have subscription on sandbox and webhooks like customer_transfer_created, customer_transfer_completed etc coming to our endpoint twice, which leads to sending notifications twice. Is that bug or feature of sandbox? And how we can avoid it?

Best regards, Yuriy

Hi @Yuriy_Dovhopol , Do those webhook events have a different Event Ids or are they the same? One thing to note is that Dwolla will send Events for both Customers involved in a transaction. So if Customer A is sending funds to Customer B then you’ll receive the customer_transfer_* events for both end-users.

Ids of events are different. But resourceId are the same so then we process it it points to one transfer and our logic is done so we send notifications for first events and for second. Probably we need refer to customer link to differ them.
Best regards Yuriy

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Ah, yes! Referring to the Customer link/ID will help differentiate those events.