What are the credentials needed to get the balance of a customer's funding source(bank account)

(Genaro Legaspi) #1

I tried the ruby steps in getting the balance of a customer’s funding source which is in this link https://docs.dwolla.com/#retrieve-a-funding-source-balance. But I get this error

DwollaV2::ForbiddenError: {“code”=>“Forbidden”, “message”=>“The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource.”}

How do I get the balance of a customer’s funding source/bank account

The funding source is create through Dwolla.js IAV

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Genaro_Legaspi, This feature (bank balance check) is an add-on as part of our Access API, therefore it isn’t enabled by default in our Sandbox. Please let me know if you’re interested in testing this out and I can get this enabled on your Sandbox account! (DM me your Sandbox account email address)

(Genaro Legaspi) #3

Thanks for the reply @spencer, I’m interested to test this out. How can I make a DM here or can I just put the email here.

(Genaro Legaspi) #4

hello @spencer if I integrate this feature on production(not on sandbox) is this free?

(Genaro Legaspi) #5

Already sent the email

(Josh Mante) #6

hi @spencer i’m also interested on enabling bank balance check on my dwolla sandbox account, here’s my dwolla sandbox email excelsior.mante@gmail.com

(Spencer Hunter) #7

@excelsior.mante, This feature has been enabled on your sandbox account.

(Josh Mante) #8

hi @spencer thank you for the quick response, now i’m getting this response when calling the getbalance api, all api’s works fine aside from the getbalance, im using the dwolla-swagger-php library

this is the exact call I make to use getbalance api

(Spencer Hunter) #9

@excelsior.mante, The funding source ID you are passing into the request appears to identify a bank that was connected using the Dwolla + Plaid integration. If you’re using Plaid’s IAV solution for verifying bank account ownership then you’ll want to call Plaid’s API to obtain the user’s connected bank balance. If you’re using Dwolla’s IAV solution, then you can call Dwolla’s API to obtain the user’s connected bank balance.

(Charlie Abrams) #10

Hi @spencer, can you enable bank balance check on my dwolla sandbox account? My email for the account is cabrams@playmesocial.com. Thanks!

(Spencer Hunter) #11

Hi @cabrams, Unfortunately bank balance check is a feature that is no longer a part of our product offerings as an add-on to the IAV (Instant bank account verification) flow. However, with continued interest from the Dwolla community it is definitely something we’ll re-consider exposing functionality to allow for bank balance check in our API. As an alternative, I would recommend checking out Plaid Link and their Balance API. :slight_smile:

(Zafar Ahmed) #12

Hi @spencer, can you enable bank balance check on my dwolla sandbox account? My email for the account is [trainedmanwins@gmail.com]. Thanks!
I attached customer’s verified bank account with IAV method.
let me know how i check bank balance…
i have to transfer amount to another customer’s attached bank.

thanks in advance

(Shreya Thapa) #13

Hi @Zafar_Ahmed, I’m afraid we no longer support bank balance check as part of our IAV flow. Spencer has addressed a similar request in this thread. Please refer to his comment above for more information!