What can we do when a user is restricted from sending?

(Eric Mayefsky) #1

We execute payments on behalf of users, many of whom are making Dwolla accounts for the first time. Occasionally these users have their sending restricted, presumably because there is additional vetting being done by Dwolla. However, our service is built around ‘set it and forget it’ and the lack of insight into the status of this process on behalf of our users is an issue for us.

Basically, without nagging the user incessantly, we’d like to understand a) if we do need to ask the user to do something, or we just need to wait and b) how long the process typically takes. Is this possible, or is this on the roadmap?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Eric_Mayefsky Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, there are situations where a Dwolla account can get put into different states of account verification. As a result, the Dwolla account will need to take action before they are eligible to send money. Although, you can’t retrieve the status of an account through the API today I will relay feedback this to our Product team for future consideration. Assume that if you receive the error "Sender is restricted from sending." that this is an indication that the associated user account needs to provide Dwolla with additional information before they are eligible to send.

When a Dwolla account is put in an unverified state we send an email notification which tells them what is required in order to get their account verified. If you run into this error, you can provide a message to the end user which states that they need to take action, and if needed, reach out to Dwolla support for more information.

(Eric Mayefsky) #3

OK, thanks @spencer!

(William Green) #4

Hi @spencer -

I think I just encountered a similar situation in our Production environment. We received the following error message when initiating a transfer from a customer to us:
{“code”=>“ValidationError”, “message”=>“Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.”, “_embedded”=>{“errors”=>[{“code”=>“Restricted”, “message”=>“Sender restricted.”, “path”=>"/_links/source/href", “_links”=>{}}]}}

Does this mean that the Sender account needs to be validated? Can you please help us to validate this sender’s account or to send a reminder to the customer to tell them to perform an action?

Dwolla is unfortunately a black box to us here and we need to make sure the account is configured properly and completely before we start transferring money.


(Cory Anderson) #5

Hey Will,
If you are getting a Sender Restricted message in your response, this could be due to an issue with your transfer Source.
I would check to see if your Customer is not in a retry or document state.
This article will help go over Customer verification statuses.
I would also double check that the Source of your Transfer is not a Receive Only Customer. Remember that Receive Only Customers are unable to send money.

(William Green) #6

Thank you for the response @CoolStoryCory

Our customer’s account is definitely in an odd state, but we need to know what is wrong so that we can suggest to them how they can fix their account.

To do so, based on the documentation you have provided we will query for the Status of the customer. From there we will need to resolve each issue depending on the status. Can you help to instruct us what the resolution is to each various “status” result would be to get a fully functional Dwolla account that can send funds from a source?

(1) status = document - We will coach the customer through the documentation verification stages in Dwolla
(2) status = retry - (what is the resolution here)?
(3) status = receive_only - (what is the resolution here)?

Are there any other status that we would need to resolve?

(Cory Anderson) #7

Hey @William_Green
If I understand your situation correctly,
1 - You are attempting to create a Verified Customer within Access API
2 - Your Customer was unable to be identity verified

If so:
You can query the status of your Customer. Check out these documents for more details
When you retrieve a Customer, you will receive a status.

If your Customer is in retry

This status simply means that they need to try to enter their credentials again. There could be a mistyped address or last four SSN that threw a flag up in our third party identity verification provider. You can check out these documents to learn more.

If your Customer is in document

If your Customer fails retry again, they will need to provide a different method to help verify their identity. You will want to provide a way for the Customer to upload some sort of photo containing a valid state drivers license or other valid government-issued ID. The document will then be reviewed manually, and if the Customer is deemed valid, we will confirm their identity.
You can check out these documents to learn more

If your Customer is a receive-only Customer

This is simply a type of Customer. Different types of Customers include; Verified Personal Customers, Verified Business Customers, Unverified Customers, and Receive-only Customers.
Remember that Receive-only Customers do not go through identity verification.

The only other status that you will want to consider is if you Customer is suspended

In this status, there is no other action you can take. You will want to reach out to Dwolla Support and we will determine if they are able to be unsuspended.