What is Transfer Limit on Pay-As-You-Go "Receive-Only User"

I am trying to initiate a bank transfer of $20K to my client (receive-only user) and it is not going through. I saw in the API documentation that the transaction limit is “N/A”. What does this mean? How can I increase the transfer limit? Also, what is the pricing on Same-day / next-day ACH transfers? A lot of this is unclear on the pricing page and the documentation. This is URGENT, I NEED to send my client money ASAP!

Hi @Hackbyrd

The “N/A” in the API docs as it refers to the transaction limit to a Receive Only user means that transaction limits are not applicable to this user type, since they are only able to receive funds, and cannot send funds.

This user does not need to increase on transfer limits as they can only receive. However, to initiate a bank transfer from a Dwolla Client account that is larger than the default of $10k requires a further review of your application for approval.

At the present time, increased limits are only available to Dwolla customers that are on a monthly agreement of some kind.

For an increase on transaction limits on production accounts and other pricing queries, I would recommend reaching out to our Sales team for more information.

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