Which token i need to create a white label customer

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which access token do i require to create white label customer either an application access token or should i user OAUTH flow to get the account access token

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Vivekkumar_K, We recently modified our implementation of the client credentials grant in the API to support easier application-only auth for White Label applications. If your application belongs to the same Dwolla account that is creating and managing Customers in the API then you can use an application access token for all calls in the API. This change was made to simplify White Label auth and eliminate the need for 3-legged OAuth.

That being said, White Label Customers are tied to a Dwolla account therefore, you can still go through the OAuth flow to obtain an account access token for the account that will be creating and managing Customers in the API. Regardless of which flow you choose, be sure to have the ManageCustomers scope enabled on your application

Token generator for access token to create white label customer in production?
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