White Label API Usability Question

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I’m looking to launch a platform which will allow us to receive ACH payments from tenants for properties that are managed. We are already using Plaid to do IAV.

Do I understand it correctly that we can simply use the white label API to supply a routing number + checking number + amount to issue an ACH from a customer to our bank account?

White Label transactions in Sandbox enviorment
White Label transactions in Sandbox enviorment
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Essentially, yes. There are a few steps involved leading up to the transfer but its as simple as 1) Creating the Customer(Which represents the tenant) 2) Attaching a bank to that Customer, and 3) Specifying the Customers bank funding source as the source of the payment when initiating a transfer.

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i am one of Arvand developers, i followed all steps you mentioned above. I have few questions though.
This is the process when customer sends money to us, can we use white label to send money to our customers or transfer money between our customers ?

Also is there a way to test transactions in Sandbox environment ?

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