White Label customers


I am trying to understand our options for White Label customers. Thus far, I have integrated the ability to create verified (both personal and business) and unverified customers. I can create verified and unverified funding sources. I can send funds from a verified funding source to an unverified funding source. I have the facilitator fees depositing into our sandbox account as expected. I have yet to implement the transmitting of the photo id for verified customers. This appears to be a non-requirement in the sandbox.

Would one option be to have all unverified customers that are using our web app that have at least one verified funding source send money to our application account and then conduct another transaction to the receiving customer funding source. Would this eliminate the need for any of our customers to become verified? And we would still be able to collect the facilitator fees?

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Hmm, I would have to double check with our compliance team to see if this would be allowed. Would you be able to describe you use case a bit more and how you’d plan on utilizing Dwolla?

Transfer Direct to Direct

@spencer Thanks for responding, but after talking it over internally, we have decided to stick to the route we have implemented already where one customer sends funds directly to another customer.

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