White Label Solution: Issue with bank account Verification

(Ashwini S) #1


We are using white label solution to add multiple funding sources to a customer. While verifying a funding source, we are using IAV. The problem we are facing is that the customer is selecting a different bank account number while doing IAV than what he has entered while creating a funding source URI. Because of this, Dwolla creates another funding source URI (total 2), out of which one is verified and the other is unverified. We are facing problem in communicating to the user that the has used different account number at each stage.

Highly appreciate someone’s help here.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@ashwini_s, I updated the title of the thread to reflect “bank account verification” as this seems to be the issue you are running into. To better address your issue can you clarify the following:

Do you offer multiple ways to attach a bank account to a Customer within your application? IAV performs two functions: adding a bank account and verifying that bank account within Dwolla