White Label transactions in Sandbox enviorment

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i followed all steps from this thread (White Label API Usability Question) on your discussion forum. I have few more questions though.
This is the process when customer sends money to us, can we use white label to send money to our customers or transfer money between our customers ?

Also is there a way to test transactions in Sandbox environment ?

Nikola Dzakovic

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You can use white label to send money from your account to your customers or transfer money between customers. Here are a few possible transfer scenarios:
Account -> unverified Customer
Account -> verified Customer
Account -> receive-only Customer
unverified Customer -> verified Customer
verified Customer -> verified Customer
verified Customer -> unverified Customer

Yes, you can test all transfer types in the sandbox environment using fake bank accounts and fake money. Note: The Sandbox environment does not replicate any ACH processes, so a pending transfer will not clear or fail automatically after a few business days as it would in production. It will simply remain in the pending state indefinitely. To process pending bank transfers you’ll want to utilize the Sandbox Console. Read more here: https://developers.dwolla.com/resources/sandbox-console.html

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Hi Spencer,

thank you for your reply.

I am trying at the moment to initiate transfer (https://docsv2.dwolla.com/#initiate-a-transfer).
For destination i selected a test account i created in my sandbox console and for source i have some customer created and i’ve added some test funding source (it is not valid bank account though).

Now everytime i try to execute it, i get this error

Do note that my customer funding sources are not verified.

Best regards,
Nikola Dzakovic

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@Dzale, Can you provide an example of your request body? Note: a funding source(Bank Account) must be verified within Dwolla before the Customer is eligible to transfer money.

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@spencer Hmm, so i either have to use your IAV service or do micro deposits ?

My client asked similar question few months back and from that i realized that we don’t have to verify bank accounts on your end. (White Label API Usability Question)

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Correct. Unless you decide to use your own method of bank verification for verifying your customer’s bank accounts (Plaid is mentioned in the other thread). If you’re wanting to use a third party service for bank verification then our team would need to sign off and approve of the service that’s being used. Once approved, we can enable a setting on your account that says you are using an external service.

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Hi Spencer,

thank you for all your help. We do actually use Plaid as service for IAV, i will talk with my client about that.

My last question is can i still somehow test transactions in Sandbox mode, i don’t see an option to verify customers founding sources from console? I mean they are all dummy accounts not real bank accounts…

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Absolutely, You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the Sandbox Console and how it’s used to process fake bank transfers. For funding source verification, you can send the account through IAV, or you can call the micro-deposits endpoint and verify the funding source with any two amounts under $0.10. Guide here

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Ok, but as i said we are not going to use your IAV, we are going to use Plaid service. So technically i need to implement micro-deposits part or IAV in order to verify funding sources and test transactions even though i am not going to use it later ?

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@Dzale, I can enable a feature in the Sandbox which is used if you’re utilizing Plaid for bank verification. Can you private message me the email address of the account you’re using in the Sandbox to create White Label Customers? Thanks!

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Thanks, that would be great, i will send you message asap! Also, thank you for all your help.

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@spencer Hey Spencer, i sent you a message in inbox about another error i am having, any updates on this?


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