Withdrawal takes several days


My employer is paying me through Dwolla. At first, I was very excited. Then, the first transaction took forever. About four business days the funds were in my account, but unavailable to transfer. Finally, the transfer was available and it took an additional four days to get the funds to my account. I figured that since it was around the July 4th holiday and the first time, that perhaps it was acceptable. Since, I received another payment which was available to me right away, but the transfer still took 3 business days. So, because I processed on a Thursday evening, there was no money until Tuesday.

Consistently, it takes 3 business days to get my funds when they’ve been sitting there for weeks. I’m also banking with Chase, so it should be a one day turn around.

Do you think that this will ever improve?

Many thanks for your response.

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Hi @JaneySilva

Thanks for reaching out regarding transfer times. Please visit the post linked below regarding transfer times and how you can improve your experience.


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